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bullet Gnoompie
04 Dec : 21:16
Ola peeps
bullet Roel
01 Dec : 15:54
wat is dit voor onzin.. nooit meer iemand op de NQ ...
ik krijg van veel mensen de vraag of EEF dood is!!!
bullet CrocKet
28 Nov : 22:58
Nounou druk hier op de site lol :-D
bullet CrocKet
17 Oct : 18:31
Jaa man wil al 3 dage ET spele is de NQ nog steeds offline:-( ik ga bijna FLIPPUH!!!!:-D
bullet Roel
17 Oct : 15:37
bullet Martin
12 Oct : 13:32
`ja mai eem, ik zit nu ookw eer in eef moi, goeiedag,
bullet CrocKet
21 Sep : 21:03
Was Da? Nie op eef komen...?Da kennie he Knullie:-p Iedere dag Game!!:-D
bullet Roel
14 Sep : 12:28
124 jaar om precies te zijn xD
bullet Roel
14 Sep : 12:06
Ik zal een tijdje niet op eef komen denk ik...

Groetjes Roel
bullet [EEF]Geak.
13 Sep : 12:37
yoo heb me oude account weer terug gevonden?. vanaf nu is dit geak. xd haha. yoo crocket onder me xD

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Welcome to the home of the:

[European Elite Force]: ET Division

Monday 27 September 2010
News from the management
Dear EEF Members and guests,

On the 7th of june we decided to once more add the server to the internet. The gameserver is still available through, it will be resolved to:

EEFclan shall rise again!

Posted by #EEF[Angryhusba on Monday 27 September 2010 - 13:24:36 | Add/Read Comments: 80
Monday 31 August 2009
News and Information About EEFclan
Members and Guests,

To get information about our clan, admin announces please see the following links:

To see importand messages about our clan and admin announces goto: [link]

To join EEFclan: [link]

To see our forum: [link]

Please make sure you visit our forum on a regulair base because you will find allot of importand information there!

Posted by #EEF[Angryhusba on Monday 31 August 2009 - 18:55:43 | Add/Read Comments: 88
Backup Server
We have a backup Server in the air.
This because of the blackout last friday.

More information can be found: [link]
Posted by #EEF[Angryhusba on Monday 31 August 2009 - 18:57:50 | Add/Read Comments: 81
NQmod 1.2.5 Out
A few days ago we started to roll out NQmod 1.2.5
We are glad this version is more stable then its little brother 1.2.3.

But this also means PB is running normal again.
This will be trouble to some people.

Please visit: [link]
To Troubleshoot.
Posted by #EEF[Angryhusba on Monday 31 August 2009 - 18:57:11 | Add/Read Comments: 83
Tuesday 06 January 2009
Nqmod 1.2.3
EEF Members and guests,

As from today a new version of Noquarter mod is running on our servers. Version 1.2.3 Is the latest and as from today bug free on our server.

Many changes has been made against version 1.1.1. The most important ones are that

- you can set a minimum of players before panzerfaust is coming available,
- New graphical updates
- Spawntime is adjustable (wat etpub had allready)
- More stable with Omni-bots (you all know what happen before christmas)
- Multispree time is adjustable
- New menu's and fixes for the Hunkmegs problems
- and many more.

The only downside is dat punkbuster is offline for at least 2 weeks, because they need to come with an update. and that everyone's Xp has been switched back to 0xp. The xpsave from older versions where not compatible with the new version.

So enjoy and Fragg Hard!
Posted by #EEF[Angryhusba on Tuesday 06 January 2009 - 13:37:02 | Add/Read Comments: 69
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